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Product Warranty Registration/Claiming
Product Warranty Registration/Claiming
Service Center
  • Warranty Registration/Claiming: Mailing-POB 1559, O'Fallon, MO 63366, USA or Fax: 1-866-377-3355
  • Technical Support before Contractor-Claiming: 1-866-833-3138 x 703 or Email: techsp@ymgigp.com
  • Thank you for choosing YMGI products!
    • Please be noted that electricity and refrigerant-related work must be conducted by licensed HVAC technicians; otherwise, the unit owner will lose factory warranty. >
    • The licensed HVAC technician will need to check all functions before finishing the job, and they need to fill out the Warranty Registration Card that comes with the unit, before they can leave the job site.
    • Must put down YMGI product Model and Serial Numbers in the Warranty Registration Card, which you can find on unit labels and/or shipping documents.
    • The unit owner will need to mail the Warranty Registration Card to the factory, in order to validate the factory warranty.
    • The unit owner must keep a copy of product Warranty Registration Card, for future warranty and factory technical support use.
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